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Over the past decade, we have updated the movies collection and tv series on Putlocker to keep it with the latest content. Users around the world have donated their time and effort by updating our database with streaming links. This site is what some may call a non-profit. We don't take money from our users, nor do we charge anything to use the site. The ads that you may see are used to pay the bills and server costs. We believe that the ones who cannot afford should not be required to pay for entertainment. We believe that entertainment is not a luxury for only the rich but a necessity for people. No matter your country, race, or socioeconomic status, is Free for all and always will be.
Thank You. We hope you share this message and our work.

What is Putlocker?

For those who are new here, Putlocker is widely used for streaming videos, such as movies and television series for free. The website originated in the United Kingdom and is famous for many reasons, but mostly for streaming media such as popular high-quality TV shows and movies. You're probably wondering how do you find the real PutLocker, among the dozens of websites that look like Putlocker, who is the real one? It doesn't help that they all have very similar domain names. Well, our suggestion is to use the one that works for you. Hopefully all of them are free and work smoothly. We dont mind which site your using. just make sure you bookmark it. Urls for sites keep changing so bookmarking sites should be the first thing you do when you find a good one.


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